Student Life


Across our campuses there is so much to see and do, so we could try and list it all…but it would be a very long list and we’re not sure we’d ever finish it! Instead, we encourage our students AND staff to tag #ThinkUHI on their social media posts and this gives us a real smorgasbord of stuff happening on campus, off campus, up a mountain, performing at music festivals, whilst canoeing to class, studying online looking out at seaweed eating sheep (yes, they do exist)…you get the drift! Once you begin your studies with us don’t forget to tag us too!

Still want more info on how you can make the most of student life during your studies? Get involved in the Highlands and Islands Students’ Association or join a club or society (or set up your own if you have a great idea), you can also consider getting involved in volunteering.  Scotland is Now also provide loads of great info which can help you discover culture, cities and getting round Scotland.